proven extreme weight loss techniques

For most people, shedding off a few pounds is a nightmare. Others have tried it out for a couple of weeks or even months without any desirable outcomes coming their way. There are also those known to have lost close to 20 pounds in less than a week; sounds ridiculous? What makes the difference? You might probably be asking yourself this million-dollar question that many people have had on their lips for centuries. Well, it is all about how much losing weight means to you and most importantly; the extent you are willing to go to see off some extra pounds of flesh from your body. For someone who knows too well the essence of quick weight loss, opting for extreme techniques isn’t an option but rather a necessity. There are numerous extreme ways in which once can get to lose substantial weight within a very short time span of even three days or a week. These options range from extreme diets, supplements to certain medical procedures. These combinations have in the past provided real-time results to users and with the implementation of the following extreme weight loss measures, you are bound to burn more calories than you have ever imagined of in just a couple of days.
There isn’t any doubt that this is the most effective of the extreme weight loss measures. It comes with immediate results. What does this imply? In essence, you can lose weight overnight! Not so many people are well informed about this fast weight loss technique. It is a serious surgery though and one requires consultations with his personal doctor before having it carried. Otherwise, you might find yourself on the wrong side of life. So how does it work out? Smaller incisions are developed in one’s body and very narrow tubes inserted through them. What followed is upwards and downwards section of the pipes. This helps in the destruction of huge layers of fats. The fats in the affected areas are sucked to considerable levels. This is also done to the other body parts having excess fat deposits. By the time the process is done, one would be weighing a couple of pounds lesser than he was. In the course of the process, one might lose some considerable amount of fluid so drips are always common. Notably, it doesn’t come without risks. The most common one is that one is bound to take an average of three to four weeks recovering from the surgery. For some individuals, it might possibly stretch beyond that. Besides, there are also other health-related risks especially during the surgery so it is always in your best interest to go for only the most reliable of surgeons. Nevertheless, it is effective and you will be done with a huge amount of extra flesh in just a couple of hours!
Stomach stapling
Ever heard of someone losing a considerable amount of weight in just two days? Probably not! Well, this is a proven method of shedding off quite a chunk of excessive flesh in an approximated time span of one to two days. For many, it might sound like a crazy or even something impossible but it actually works out. So how possibly does this happen? This technique is more of a surgery that involves the creation of a smaller pouch within the stomach. This pouch has the capability of holding only an ounce of food; on the higher end. Consequently, the restriction to the amount of food you can consume will be in place. You will not be able to take beyond the one ounce and what will follow is an instant loss of weight. In the past, it has worked out for people within a day or two! As expected, the risks involved are high. You must be willing to take the risks and have the surgery done after considering other options and probably failed. For one, there are high chances of stomach infections being associated with people who have undergone this surgery. The level of danger you are exposed to during the surgery is also relatively high. In most cases, it is recommended only to the highly obese people owing to the multiple risks involved. If you are willing enough, you can get it was done and the results will be evident in just a day or two!
The insulin technique
This is especially effective for diabetic individuals. It works out very fast and chances of success are undoubtedly high. Within a time span of four days, you can lose several pounds depending on the level of insulin intake. So how does this workout? It is so simple! You only need to inject yourself with low levels of insulin. The result is that the body will have just enough level of insulin to keep you alive but not enough to help in blood sugar regulation. As a result, the body will find it difficult digesting carbohydrates and instead turn to stored fats for the production of energy. The excess fat in your body will be burned down to provide the energy necessary for metabolic processes to continue. With this technique, weight loss is guaranteed within a few days. It is one of the fastest. As expected, the stakes involved here are high. It not only involves putting your kidney and liver at risk but can also have serious side effects on one’s bladder. Unless otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend this.
Extreme dieting
It is probably the most common of the extreme weight loss techniques. For many centuries, this has been in use with the difference being in the particular. You might probably be thinking that this is all about starving yourself to death, right? I am sorry but on this, you are absolutely wrong. There are safer ways of extreme dieting and this involves intake of special diets. One way is eating only raw vegetables. This means there will be no more fats and carbohydrates in your diet. The body will then be forced to find other ways of providing the required energy and that’s where the excess calories you have will come in. They will burn down considerably and within a few days, you will be weighing several pounds less than you have ever been! For best results, the meal should only be taken once in a day. Additionally, you will be forced to cut off any more intake of carbs if you are to experience real-time results. Needless to say, it involves some health risks but for someone who is ready to do all that it takes, you are always free to consider this option!
Dietary pills
At the look of things, this sounds so simple! You only need to pop some pills and there it goes; some fats melt away! These drugs have the capability of ensuring successful weight loss within a very short time span depending on the type of pill used. Most of them work against your appetite. Most of these appetite suppressors have been proven and tested to work for many people. One good example is Phentermine, which has been there even before 1959. All it does is working on the brain neurotransmitters to suppress one’s appetite and the rest is history. So you will only have to take Phentermine, eat considerably less and then lose weight! Just like the other options, however, some risks like increased heart rates might be involved. So you now have them; all that remains is trying out that which seems workable!